Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cute Kid :)

I love this kid! He is too much fun and I just had to share a bit of his goings-on :) I just love his sweet spirit and his love for life and family. I never imagined him to have such a big personality so young, silly mom I know.
So Ty comes downstairs and says "How you doin' Mom" I said that I'm good and asked him how he was and he said "I'm dreat!" He wore his tie all day and slept with it in his hand all night! You may also notice his orange "sip-sops", I don't threaten him with time-outs anymore, I threaten to put his beloved flip-flops in timeout, works pretty well too...

Ty loves the nursery rhyme "Do you know the Mussin Man?" and was calling this subway guy the Mussin Man for days. He thought that he was too cool for having met him!
Can you tell what Ty's favorite accessory is? He loves wearing ties! Such a strong fashion sense for a two year old, I'm in big trouble! Anyway, along with his ties comes his love for the color orange. He will pull out a bucket of anything, and in seconds have every single orange piece out in its own separate pile that he will carry around for hours. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I can see again!

On Saturday night Ty hit me really hard with a coupon book... square on my eyeball! It hurt so bad!!! I ended up going to the eye doctor (that I used to work for and my mom still does). Turns out that Ty has REALLY good aim. He took off a good 1/4 of my cornea! I now have a bandage on my eye, that will be removed Friday, and I'm on a few different eye drops. Doctor said that normally he would prescribe painkillers BUT I'm pregnant so he couldn't. Apparently it is a pretty serious injury and will take a few months to fully recover. Too much fun! He is trying to get my cornea stable before I have Ruby (in 30 days!!!) because, apparently, my "new" cornea could just "fall off" putting me back at square one, aack!

Oh well, it makes for a great story and at least I can see again. And, no, I didn't take any pictures...#1 I couldn't even open my eye and #2 It was really gross!