Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun Photos...

This photo is of Ty bunjee jumping at a birthday party 2 weeks ago, he went higher than all of the other kids, he was also the youngest! We also took a new family photo in the foam pit. That thing is like quicksand, it was so hard to get out of that pit! And the last photo? Well that one just cracks me up!


Seriously, how can you not smile when you see this face?!? Ruby is such a breath of fresh air in our home! She just turned 1 and that makes me so sad :(

Ruby started walking about a month ago and is having so much fun being a "big lady" This girl is ALL GIRL! She loves babies and animals and says "oh" when she sees something cute. She knows how to use a phone appropriately and loves accessories.

She is adventurous, to a point. Ruby is very much a momma's girl and likes people more from my arms than from the floor, on her own.

She has this way of smiling so big that you can feel her soul reaching out that makes everyone love her.


I feel AWFUL!!! I have not updated this blog in WAY TOO LONG! Not that I have anything important to say but still... This little boy is truly a joy in our family. Watching the world through his eyes is a magical experience. The way that his thoughts come out of his mouth is HILARIOUS!

His favorite color is still orange and he loves to let everyone know that.

He is such a CRACK UP! I love his silly faces and "jokes"

Ty took swimming lessons this summer and he was AWESOME... of course. Swimming really helped Ty to come out of his shell, he is so much more adventurous now!

I love this little man so much.