Thursday, January 7, 2010

My littlest joy... Ruby Ray

So, my good friend told me that I haven't posted enough pictures of Ruby. So here we go, friend who shall remain nameless, this post is for you!

Ruby is the sweetheart of our family, she is truly a joy! She is still sleeping through the night, but like to have mommy close at hand. Speaking of hands... Ruby is a thumb/finger sucker! It is so cute and she is always very happy when she can get her digits in her mouth. 

Ruby is very quick to smile and loves looking at faces. She is very talkative and LOVES to laugh. As soon as she laughs, however, she gets the hiccups and then gets mad. Its quite the vicious cycle. Ruby still sneezes a lot, she also has half-sneezes that are very funny.

 She loves to roll over and be on her tummy. She is also very close to being able to sit up. Ruby also loves jumping in her jumparoo.

Ty still loves being a big brother and is a tremendous helper. Aaron is wrapped around Ruby's little fingers. I am a big fan of headbands with big flowers or bows, they are so much fun to make and show off. Ruby gets TONS of compliments on them. 

*I don't know why the photos are so unevenly spaced, but at least they are cute!*